Avast Ye! Its those Pesky Pirates Again

More mayhem to report from the Golden Age of Pirates with the continued adventures of One Ball Barry and his trusty companions Parrot Sh*t Pete and Pirate Joe. This time these intrepid pirate leaders were intent on rescuing their colleague Dodgy Dave II from jail (a place he richly deserves to be). However an equally determined force of privateers had got wind of this jail break attempt and were moving rapidly to block this attempt.

As the pirates approached a strong wind that had been blowing for a while turned into a rain sodden squall which reduced visibility, dampened the black powder and the mood of the pirates. When the fight started it would be at close quarters with knives, axes and clubs – pistols and muskets would be of little use. Finding the jail poorly guarded Parrot Sh*t and his crew slipped easily inside the jail and overwhelmed the inattentive guards.

Outside the jail the opposing forces began to engage with some ineffective firing but in the dismal weather little harm was caused – and the raiders were already beginning to effect their escape. And following some brutal sword-play it became obvious that the pirates would not be stopped from making good their escape.

This was a good fun scenario that could have gone either way but which in this case was a victory for the attackers who displayed unusual levels of cooporation – which may have contributed to their success. We will try another scenario next week where hopefully the usual back-stabbing and bad behaviour will rise to the fore.

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