Bohemian Campaign 2

It took only two turns to finish off the first campaign battle, with the Rebel infantry looking for an escape they proved easy pickings for the roving bands of Imperial cavalry slaughtered without mercy several Bohemian battalions. Away from this carnage the Bohemian shot that had held out in the village still offered stout resistance until the end and were offered generous terms for their surrender – and new employment in the Imperial army. The result of this battle was a handful of casualties (some of which were off-set by the new recruits) for the Catholic forces – but it was a costly defeat for the Rebels with the loss of 2 battalions of foot and a number of squadrons of Hussars.

As this battle was being played out, a few miles down the road another engagement was beginning to unfold. Both sides had moved their forces into the same territory and so a new battlefield would be set up. In this encounter, the Rebels occupied a village with 5 battalions of foot, the Imperial army was a mere probing force of one tercio of German foot plus 2 regiments of cuirassier and 2 of mounted arquebusiers. Despite being outnumbered the Catholic force launched an immediate and highly aggressive attack with both foot and horse.

Despite the Rebels having the advantage of defending from cover, the Imperial commanders spotted several weaknesses in their position and sent in the cavalry to exploit the situation. This bold attack began to pay off as the surprised Rebels began to panic as the enemy cavalry began to ride through their positions – 1 rebel battalion broke and were pursued for a distance by Imperial cuirassiers. Things were looking bad again for the Rebels.

As Imperial arquebusiers engaged Rebel shot sheltering in the village, the situation was beginning to change as Rebel reinforcements began to arrive led by a regiment of Dutch foot – veterans from Flanders. These disciplined troops could stiffen the resolve of the Rebels and give the Catholics a far more experienced and deadly opponent to deal with. In view of these new arrivals the Imperial players decided to call off the attack and withdraw before facing the stinging fire of the Dutch battalion. This encounter ended the third day of the campaign, both sides retired to consider their next map movement. The way through to Prague has not yet been opened and there is still plenty of fight left in the Bohemian soldiers. Will day four prove to be decisive? We will have to wait until next week to find out.

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