Bohemian Campaign 3

After some rapid re-deployment of the Imperial forces and a couple of flanking moves by the Rebels, the map moves were made and day 4 of the campaign began to unfold. After both sides compared their forces movements – two engagements would be fought.

With the encroaching blue arrows of the Imperial advance clearly visible on the map, the Rebels are becoming hemmed into an increasingly restricted area – solid defensive work will absolutely be required. Because the previous battle was ‘won’ by the Rebels (the Imperial forces withdrew from the battle in the face of growing Rebel numbers) the Rebel players chose which battle to fight next.

The first battle had a small Imperial force (on the left of the picture) facing the combination of a number of Rebel groups that converged on the area (units on the right side of the picture).

The powerful Rebel group begin to advance with a strong cavalry force of Cuirassiers and Arquebusiers moving around the flank of the smaller Imperial force.

Rebel infantry advance around the village towards an Imperial tercio. With this overwhelming force the Imperial players decide that discretion is the better part of valour and try and execute a fighting withdrawal but with so much Rebel cavalry on the loose and delivering attacks from all angles, one tercio is sacrificed to allow the rest of the Imperial force to withdraw. With a run of successes beginning to develop, several hundred of the Imperial rearguard decide to throw their lot in with the Rebels. If the Catholic forces can be defeated in the second battle of the day – perhaps the rebellion succeed? The players prepare the table for the next battle and marshal their forces for the game.


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