Bohemian Campaign 4

The second battle of day 4 was a sharp battle around the village of Dablice. The Rebels could hardly afford to lose this encounter because the road to Prague lay open and undefended beyond.

Unfortunately for the Rebels, located on the left hand side of the picture, they were heavily outnumbered in both foot and horse as the Imperial army arrives on the right hand side.

Three Rebel infantry regiments take up positions around the village of Dablice and await the Imperial attack.

Four hefty German tercios supported by cuirassiers to the rear line up ready for the attack.

Imperial cavalry including mounted arquebusiers and Croats sweep round the undefended flank of the outnumbered Rebels.

Realising the danger that they are in, the Rebel infantry tried to fall back but were caught in the flank by enemy cavalry – which caused considerable disorder.

A Rebel regiment breaks and is pursued by Imperial cavalry, elsewhere other Rebel units begin to lose heart and fall back. Even before the Imperial tercios were fully committed, the remainder of the Rebel army broke and fled the field.

With the decisive defeat of the Rebels at the end of day 4 the road to Prague lay open and although there were still Rebel units in the field, none of these could be assembled in time to prevent the Imperial advance. With the Imperial objective achieved the result of the campaign was a defeat for the Rebels and a clear victory for the Catholic forces.

Everyone really enjoyed the campaign aspect of the games, the way that the force strengths were frequently uneven during battles and players appreciated the need to conserve forces to allow them to fight another day. From my vantage point as games umpire it seemed to me that the Rebels had a difficult task trying to anticipate where the Imperial forces would deliver their main attack, this sometimes led to the Rebels spreading their forces too thinly in order to cover all approaches. The attacking Imperial forces made sure that when they delivered their main attacks, they did so in strength and made full use of their more experienced troops. Although the Rebels proved to be enthusiastic and aggressive troops they sometimes became disheartened too quickly when facing stern tests.

Following the post battle discussions, enthusiasm for future campaigns was clearly evident and a number of options were discussed. It looks like our next mini-campaign will be mid-period Marlburian – can’t wait!

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