Fun with Freikorps

Here are a few pics that I arranged following a recent game of Spartacist and Freikorps. This is a game set in early 1920s Germany when revolution and rebellion raged. The figures are a mixture of Great War Miniatures, Tsuba Miniatures and Footsore Miniatures.

German civilians raising the red flag.

Heavy fire support for the revolutionaries.

Elements of the Volksmarine join the rebellion and provide much needed grit and determination.

German Police try and restore order? Not likely – looks like they are off to join the revolution.

Civilians venture out onto the streets, the newspapers are full of stories of unrest and red atrocities.

Bavarian Freikorps are on the hunt for rebels,

Deployment of horrific weapons on the streets of a Bavarian town, supporting Freikorps troops might want to stand back a bit when the flamethrower begins to spit fire?!

Lancer squadron from Freikorps Lichtschlag – well why wouldn’t you?!

Stormtrooper detachment, Freikorps Deutscher Ordensschild displaying their Teutonic Order insignia – time to hide those red flags and run!

Crowd control Freikorps style. Heavy armour takes to the streets and the rebels begin to melt away.

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