More Fun With Freikorps

Here are a few more pics that I arranged following a recent game of Spartacist and Freikorps. The figures are a mixture of Great War Miniatures, Tsuba Miniatures and Footsore Miniatures.

Stormtroopers with a little extra.

Fk Werdenfels

Looks like the bus is going to be late again.

Reactionaries forces have stolen rebel jackets – and they want them back!

Volksmarine flying the flag

Enough to stop an A7V?

2 thoughts on “More Fun With Freikorps”

    1. sorry your comment was lost in spam and retrieved this am. The rules are written by the founder of this site.. still in final play testing phase. lots of fun to play. watch the site for updates. I think pirates are coming first..

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