Pirate Vendetta

Following their previous bruising encounter the deadly duo of One Ball Barry and Parrot Sh*t Pete have a score to settle and they are out for the blood of that well known pirate Black Moustache Andy (he wanted to call him Blackbeard but I thought that was a bit too derivative). This vendetta scenario will bring victory to the character that kills Black Moustache Andy, or victory will go to BMA if he manages to avoid this fate. Having had quite a run of successful encounters BMA is now a somewhat improved character and will be quite a tough opponent for the less experienced One Ball Barry and Parrot Sh*t Pete. Unfortunately for Andy, his two allies that were supposed to be escorting him turned up late to the battle – claiming problems with their ship that transported them to this location.

Barry and Pete’s crew close in on their target – the vendetta is about to be settled!

Pirates from Barry’s crew become distracted by a marker – will this represent treasure or a nasty surprise. Lucky Barry – its treasure!

Having become distracted counting their treasure, One Ball’s crew take up a strong position behind wall and cheer on Parrot Sh*t Pete’s crew as they lay into Black Moustache Andy and his escort.

The brutal pirate fight continues. Although Andy is badly injured he manages to fight off the attackers and withdraws under cover of a fog bank that rolls in. Although there are losses on both sides, Pete’s crew have much the worse of the encounter and Pete and One Ball decide to let their vendetta go for the moment. Both sides withdraw to count their treasure, lick their wounds and pick a few native arrows out of painful lodgings.

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